Conceptualized by Deutsch and working in tandem with Design Compendium, TH helped produce the world’s first ever Gingerbread Branch at Penn’s Landing in Philadelphia. Located within Winterfest, the branch was constructed with over 5,000 pounds of actual gingerbread and embellished with traditional gingerbread house fixings – from faux chocolate windows to candied finishes – all in promotion of PNC’s annual Christmas Price Index (CPI). The inside of the branch featured intricate columns, showcasing the 12 gifts of the CPI, a Teller Window distributing complimentary hot cocoa and gingerbread dollar sign cookies, fully functional PNC ATM for onsite banking needs, cookie bank vault and photo op via a chocolate candy dollar cut-out. Guests were encouraged to take photos and post to social media using the hashtag #GingerbreadBranch.

3 activation days
3,433 cups of hot chocolate distributed
3,043 cookies distributed
11 new accounts opened
5,464 guests