To celebrate the national launch of MTN DEW Black Label, TH partnered with Golin Harris to execute “Gentlemen of the Jacket”, bringing the classy vibe of the new beverage alive. The event featured bespoke hors d’oeuvres inspired by Toronto-based chef and Instagram sensation Chef Jacques La Merde, bars were stocked with boldly designed cocktails highlighting the dark berry flavor and herbal bitters of MTN DEW Black Label. The decor brought to life the delicate balance of both bold and refined by pairing vintage furniture pieces with skate shop decor. For a fun and extra-refined touch, each guest received a private fitting of a MTN DEW BLACK LABEL jacket from an onsite tailor. Guests included; pro-skater Theotis Beasley, comedian Jermaine Fowler and rap and hip/hop artist Joey Bada$$, sporting their very own MTN DEW BLACK LABEL jackets.