Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren | Avicii

Miami Tourism | It's So Miami

IKEA | Embrace Change

Warby Parker | Class Trip

Details @ Midnight | Coachella 

Polaroid Fotobar | Pop Up Shop

Old Navy | Look Good All Ways

Ubisoft | Holiday Preview

Maybelline | Color Studio 

Madewell | Denim Road Trip

Polyvore | Runway Show



We are brand cultivators, enthusiasts and architects;
building a space where brands and consumers connect.

We understand that every brand has a story, and to us, it's not just a responsibility,
but also a privilege to tell that story.

Our goal is to create a platform for consumers that will excite and immerse them in the brand so much that they live it, breathe it, and can't help but share their experiences with it. Because when you eliminate the one-way messaging of the past and provide people a memorable dialogue with a brand, the connection between the two becomes authentic and personally relevant. As a result, you've reshaped the once-passive consumer into an empowered advocate. With that as our credo, our potential as a production company is endless.

For us, this is more than a job. We do it for the satisfaction that comes when an experience
to transform a consumer into a brand believer.

Let us tell your story.

We are TH





Programs that captivate the senses and create visceral impressions.

Press / consumer events, product launches, fashion shows and more.

Artistic constructions and three-dimensional works.

Branding that moves – mobile showrooms, food trucks, glass trucks.

Lighting up buildings, plastering walls and putting products in the hands of the people.


  +646 649 4515

 TH Productions
 599 Broadway, 10th Floor
 New York, New York 10012

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